Panel by Qboxmail: the App to manage and monitor corporate emails

Historically, the management of corporate emails has always been in the hands of expert IT technicians. Why? Originally because Corporate Mail Servers were complex to manage, based on Sendmail or Qmail were to create a new email account you had...


Now you can launch a Migration immediately!

One of the features that you have asked us most frequently in recent years was the possibility of being able to plan a Migration the same day you upload it or even be able to launch it immediately.For a number...


Cancel the sending of an email: discover the new functionality

We all accidentally sent an email too early, without a specific attachment or at the wrong address.The accidental sending of sensitive data to the wrong recipient is one of the most common causes of violation of corporate or private data.An...


New languages available in Qboxmail!

Qboxmail in the world Qboxmail is growing and users who use our services all over the world are growing too. The number of foreign users who use our services every day has exceeded 20,000 units and is constantly increasing. Precisely...


API: discover the new features to manage Webmail’s localization settings

We at Qboxmail are working hard on our Webmail to give people a way to work with their business email with no compromises, and at the same time, we want to give our customers and resellers a frictionless way to...


50 GB Email Accounts now available: find out how to activate them

For some time our customers have asked us to have professional email accounts with a space larger than 25 GB and today we can say that we have satisfied this request. To do this, we focused on what the users'...

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