100GB Email Account for Companies: how to buy and activate them

Alessio Cecchi
100GB mailboxes

Email communication in companies began many years ago with mailboxes that could contain approximately 50MB of messages.
The emails were downloaded in POP3 on the only company computer that was connected to the Internet via a 56K modem.

Over time, email communication has replaced paper mail and fax, becoming today the main means of communication with customers, suppliers and collaborators.

For this reason, the email accounts have become bigger and bigger and those first 50MB that seemed a lot (were the days of the 1.44MB floppy disks) they have become increasingly narrow. The mailboxes have gradually increased their size from 100MB, 1GB, 8GB, up to today companies that need even 100GB large mailboxes!

I avoid the usual comparison that “100GB correspond to N-thousand floppy disks that placed one on top of the other could go around the earth …

Pay attention to access speed

Finding an email hosting provider willing to provide a 100GB mailbox isn’t that simple. In fact, such a large mailbox risks being very slow in everyday use and even many email clients including Microsoft Outlook may have problems managing it or not managing it at all.

For this reason, with such large email boxes, use via Webmail is often recommended as there is no waiting for the email program to start and synchronize and it is not necessary to archive messages locally.

Where to buy 100GB email accounts

Qboxmail, a professional email service provider for businesses and resellers, which already offers 50GB mailboxes, has recently made 100GB sizes available for customers with the Enterprise plan.
Therefore, it is possible to activate, within your domain, email boxes up to 100GB.

A feature of the Qboxmail service is the possibility to activate the additional space up to 100GB only on the mailboxes where it is actually needed, without the need to expand all the mailboxes of the domain. This way you only pay more for that specific mailbox that needs the extra space.

Many other suppliers, on the other hand, require you to activate all the email accounts of a 50GB or 100GB domain, thus forcing the company to pay for additional space even on boxes where this is not necessary.

It is possible to know the prices of the 25GB, 50GB and 100GB email accounts from the Prices page. Resellers can contact us using the dedicated form to receive the price list reserved for them.

How to activate a 100GB email account

The activation of the 100GB email accounts takes place via the Qboxmail Control Panel by following these simple steps:

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