Centralized email signature management

Give your collaborators a coordinated corporate email signature

In just a few steps, add or edit email signatures directly from Control Panel to make your corporate identity stand out.

Personal data and variables

Thanks to a series of placeholders, you can use your users’ data (e.g. name, last name, role within the company…) to fill in each email signature automatically.

With this centrally managed feature, your collaborators will find their customized email signature ready to use with no need to do anything.

Personal data for email signature management

Text editor/HTML

You can add an email signature template through the text editor in Control Panel, both in plain text or HTML form. When you are satisfied with its look, just apply the template to add your brand new company email signature to all users within your domain.

With this feature, you won’t have to manually add an HTML file to set up each email signature individually. Moreover, in case you need to edit something, you can just update the signature template at any time and all users will see the changes in real time.

Text and HTML editor for email signature management

Single user signature/identity

You can always manage the email signature and/or identity linked to a single account in a centralized manner, should you need it.

In addition, if you create a new email address for your company, you can edit the email signature template to allocate the details of the new identity in question.

Administrators can update any elements in the signature or identity of a specific user from Control Panel. The user will find their signature automatically updated and ready to use.

Management of Email signature and identity of a single user

Management of email signatures via API

Our complete set of API solutions helps you manage, customize, and update the email signatures of your users easily. Your collaborators will be able to send new messages with an automatically updated signature without having to change anything themselves.

This feature is particularly useful when, for instance, your sales department needs to promote a new offer. By editing your collaborators’ email signatures with info about the promotion, each sent email will become a potential marketing tool.

API for the management of email signature

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