Centralized Email Signature Management

Give your collaborators a coordinated corporate email signature

In just a few steps, add or edit email signatures directly from Control Panel. Make a lasting impression and ensure your brand stands out.

Time-Saving Email Signatures: Automated Customization

Thanks to a series of placeholders, you can automatically populate each email signature with your users’ data, including their name, last name, and role within the company. Our centrally managed feature ensures that your collaborators will have their customized email signature ready to use effortlessly, eliminating the need for any manual input.

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Personal data for email signature management

Efficient HTML Email Signature Template Management

Create and customize email signature templates effortlessly using the text editor in the Control Panel, whether in plain text or HTML format. Once satisfied with the design, simply apply the template to add your brand-new company email signature to all users within your domain.

No more manual setup of individual email signatures using HTML files. With this convenient feature, easily update the signature template at any time, and all users will see the changes in real time. Enjoy simplified email signature management at your fingertips.

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Text and HTML editor for email signature management

Single User Signature/Identity

You can conveniently manage the email signature and associated identity for each individual account in a centralized manner whenever needed.

Furthermore, when creating a new email address for your company, you have the flexibility to edit the email signature template and allocate the relevant details for the new identity.

Administrators have full control to update any elements within a user’s signature or identity directly from the Control Panel. Users will find their signature automatically updated and ready to use, ensuring a seamless experience

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Management of Email signature and identity of a single user

Unlock the Potential of Email Signatures with API Integration

Our comprehensive range of API solutions empowers you to effortlessly manage, customize, and update the email signatures of your users. With this powerful feature, your collaborators can send new messages with automatically updated signatures, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

This feature is particularly advantageous when, for example, your sales department needs to promote a new offer. By editing your collaborators’ email signatures to include information about the promotion, each email they send becomes a powerful marketing tool, expanding your reach and driving potential conversi

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API for the management of email signature

All-in-One- Solution for Resellers!

Qboxmail offers much more than a mere Email Signature editor. Our suite, specifically designed for Resellers, comprises a plethora of intelligent features that make Professional Email Management a breeze! Explore all the tools within our suite and Partner with us, Europe’s most secure and reliable email provider, and offer your clients top-notch email services.

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