Email Delivery

Send large volumes of email messages via the SMTP protocol.

Send transactional and promotional emails without leaving your preferred sending application.
Email Delivery is the SMTP engine that allows you to send emails without hourly or daily limits.

Advantages of the Email Delivery service

icon deliverability


The service guarantees each client the best possible deliverability, avoiding abuse and rewarding those who send quality content.

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Sending IP pool and reputation

Numerous IP pools according to customer needs, dedicated reputation and separate from other customers.

Customisable plan

Free, prepaid, monthly subscription. Select the amount of messages and enable extra sendings if you never want to run out.

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Extra messages

To be prepared for peaks in order requests or bookings during holidays or promotions.

icon reliability


We fully develop our own platform and are able to guarantee the best quality of email service, even for large volumes.

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Technical Support

The Qboxmail team is always at your disposal to help you solve any deliverability problems.

Configure and manage the service in the Control Panel

Create and manage accounts, authorised sending domains, keep track of your reputation and suppression lists directly from the Control Panel, in a dedicated section.

email delivery screenshot

IP Pool and Reputation.
How we optimise deliverability

Different IP pools are made available to users with the aim of optimising deliverability.
Users can enter certain pools based on their reputation.
Qboxmail guarantees a very good starting reputation, which all users can use. Depending on the quality of the messages sent by users, the reputation level of each one will be adjusted.

Free type pools can accommodate users with any reputation.
Standard pools accommodate users with a good reputation who apply for upgrades.
Premium pools accommodate users with high reputations who apply for upgrades.

If a user’s reputation is no longer sufficient to use the pool, our automatic system will downgrade the user.

Users who want a dedicated IP pool may request one.

deliverability Optimisation Process

Simplified service configuration

To configure the service on the Control Panel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your plan and create your account

    When creating an account, you must choose the type of messages you wish to send (transactional or promotional emails) and the financial plan (free, subscription, prepaid). You can create as many accounts as you need, each with its own plan.

  2. Enter domains

    Previously registered domains must be entered into our system for approval. You will have to pass the verification and approval procedures before you can submit your domains.

  3. Account-Domain Association

    Associate each account with the domains you intend to use to send emails with the plan you have subscribed to. You can associate a variable number of domains to each account, depending on the plan subscribed to.

  4. Configure your application

    To be able to use the Email Delivery service, you must also configure your application for sending email messages (e-commerce application, marketing application, management software, etc.). Find out how in our documentation (link).

Who the service is for

  • Web agencies that want to integrate an SMTP service into their offer
  • Software developers who need to integrate an email system into the software they develop
  • System Integrators dealing with the sending of automated emails from management systems, printers, scanners
  • E-commerce owners and couriers who need to send order confirmations, password recovery, shipment notifications
  • Developers of management systems for hotels and restaurants who need to send booking confirmations, invoices
  • Sending marketing campaigns and newsletters to contact lists through dedicated management systems and applications

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are sent to a specific recipient to confirm an action or notify an event, such as order confirmations, sending invoices, password recovery.

Promotional emails

Promotional emails are mass emails sent to many recipients for marketing purposes, such as promotional, sales or newsletter email campaigns.

Email Delivery is available as a free beta version

Contact us for information and to test the service.

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