About us

Our company provides corporate email management services in cloud. We have our own infrastructure and develop all suite software from scratch. All our services are easily managed via web or API.

Only someone who has never managed a mail server can think of it as an easy task. In fact, it is a difficult and demanding activity that requires constant day-by-day care and, if overlooked, can lead to the loss of important resources.

Email is still the main communication tool for most companies worldwide. This is why we decided to develop a communication suite that simplifies corporate email management and helps people make the best use of it.

Innovation does not just mean creating something new. Oftentimes, innovative thinking requires taking something that already exists and seems ‘obvious’, like email, to improve it.

Alessio Cecchi – CEO and Founder

Keeping things up to date

Only the constant updating of infrastructures, software and people can ensure that your email communication is efficient and secure.

This is the objective we set to ourselves at Qboxmail: making your email communications available at any time, in a fast and secure manner.

The secret behind our products: sharing

At Qboxmail, every product comes from an idea, an intuition, or hypothesis that is shared and analyzed by the entire team, which will then give it life. Our work ethos is based on sharing objectives and strategies throughout all phases of research and product development.

This is the secret to creating products and services that are not just beautiful to look at or easy to use, but can also express the care and love put by every person involved in its realization.

Our story

In the beginning, “qbox” was just a way to call a set of configurations within a particular mail server based on Qmail that needed to be installed on a dedicated server.

When cloud services became widespread, we decided to make our decades of experience managing email solutions available to other companies. We began to design and offer services that companies could manage via API, so that they could control very large and complex email infrastructures in complete autonomy.

Since September 2016, Qboxmail has joined the Welcome Italia Group with the goal of developing the best cloud email services for companies worldwide.

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