Terms of Service

Everything you need to know to use our services

The following Terms and Conditions of the Service regulate the contractual relationship between the service provider, Qboxmail Srl, and its customers. It is important to read the documents below to understand what our customers can expect, what they can do and what is prohibited while using our service.

We invite you to view the documents and, only if necessary for the internal procedures of your company, sign them for acceptance and send us a copy. All the terms of the service are proposed to the customer, for acceptance, when ordering.

We remind you that it is mandatory for you to communicate that Qboxmail Srl is the Data Processor to all users who use our services, or to indicate that sub-processors are used by your company and provide the list to customers, with our name included, in case it is required.

Customers Privacy Information


Contractual Terms and Conditions


Customers Data Processing Agreement


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