PDF Informational Materials and Brochures of Qboxmail Services

On this page you can download the informational materials of Qboxmail services.
White-label brochures ready to be sent to customers and kits assembled by us are also available.

Complete Informational Kit

Below you can download the kit for resellers containing all the informational materials in PDF, useful for presenting our Professional plan to customers, both with the Qboxmail logo and white-label.

Professional Plan Kit (15 MB)


Qboxmail PDF Brochures

Below you can download single PDF informational materials of the services offered by Qboxmail, the detailed comparison of the available plans and the Resellers Program.

White-label Brochures

Below you can download the PDF informational materials, ready to be send to customers to present the Qboxmail services on your behalf.

Menage emails with Qboxmail

Qboxmail is the complete and professional Cloud suite for safely managing corporate emails and calendars

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