Try a new way to manage business emails

Try for 30 days Qboxmail tools, designed to better manage company email, and discover how to save time and increase your productivity.

Free 30 day trial

Free trial without obligation

Try all email management tools for free for 30 days, without any obligation. You can freely choose if buy or not.

Email domain

Up to 5 domains and 25 email accounts

Up to 5 domains, 25 email accounts of 8GB, unlimited domains and email aliases, to try all the features of Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans.


Access to all services

You will have access to POP, IMAP, SMTP, and Exchange ActiveSync services to try all the ways you can take advantage of your email synchronization features.

Email sync caldav carddav

Shared contacts and calendars

Try our Webmail and always carry all your Contacts and Calendars with you, thanks to CardDAV, CalDAV and Exchange ActiveSync synchronization on all your devices.

Antispam and Antivirus

Email Security

A powerful and professional Antivirus and Antispam system to protect your users. Discover the tools for real-time analysis of email traffic.

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