Multi-Level Control Panel

Delegate Email Management and Simplify Your Organization’s Workflow

With Qboxmail’s Multi-Level Control Panel, you can delegate the management of corporate email accounts to your colleagues or clients, with the functionalities and limits you deem most suitable.

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Multilevel control panel


The Admin is the administrator of the Control Panel, able to add and manage domains and email accounts, with full control over all the resources in the account.

Team Member

The Team Member is generally an internal member of the company. The Admin sets their operational limits by selecting the actions they can or cannot perform.


With the Manager role, you can delegate the management of multiple domains to a chosen individual. Use the manager to enable your clients to manage their own domains or to resell Qboxmail services to other resellers.

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Responsible for a single domain, the Postmaster can create and manage the mailboxes belonging to it autonomously, according to the limits you set for that domain.

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Email Account

The Email Account is the holder of the individual email address and can manage only the settings corresponding to it.


The Delegate role allows you to provide access to the Security Archives to yourself or a colleague, respecting the exclusivity of access to saved data, giving the archive legal value.

Become a Professional Email Service Provider Yourself

Qboxmail offers you a unique opportunity. Thanks to the Multi-Level Control Panel, you can become a provider of professional email services.

The Manager role enables you to create sub-accounts for other companies or professionals who need to manage their clients’ mailboxes. You can assign existing domains to your managers and give them the ability to create new ones within the limits you set.

With White-Label options that allow you to hide the Qboxmail logo and customize the service with your brand and domain, you will maintain your status as the service provider. You can also offer the same white-label options to your reseller clients. Create your own resale system, ensuring lower prices thanks to volume discounts.

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Explore the advantages of the Multi-Level Control Panel, try the service free for 30 days.

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