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The Dedicated Email Service for Hosting Providers

As a Hosting Provider, you know that managing email services can be a daunting task. With the constant threat of viruses and spam, along with the need for backup and customization, it's no wonder many hosting providers are turning to...

New Tasks cover

New features for Tasks integrated in the Webmail

With the latest update of the Webmail, released on September 15, 2022, important new features has been made available to our users. Our development team has in particular enhanced the functions of the Tasks integrated in the Webmail and renewed...

whmcs order template customization

How to customize WHMCS order form template

February 8, 2023 - Following an update of the module, this guide is no longer necessary: there is no need to manually modify the template, as the prices are automatically managed by the module. Qboxmail's module for WHMCS allows you...

Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Microsoft New Commerce Experience: What Changes for Resellers and Partners

With the New Commerce Experience (NCE) Microsoft wants to create a standard for the purchase of 365 and Azure services. Microsoft's goal is to make it easier for its resellers and partners to purchase and renew subscriptions to its services....

email mgmt - qboxmail

Email hosting providers benchmark: Qboxmail

With this last chapter, we have come to the end of a series of related articles, written with the intention of helping the reader to gain clarity on the world of email hosting providers. This series opened with a reflection on...

email mgmt - google workspace

Email Hosting Providers Benchmark: Google Workspace

The management of professional business emails is a key activity. This is proven by the fact that in addition to Microsoft, another American big tech also comes up with a broadly similar solution. Today, in fact, we will examine the email...

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