White Label Email Hosting: Like Never Before

Impress and Retain Your Clients: The Path to Increasing Your Company's Recurring Revenue Starts Here

Display Your Company’s Logo and Color

Customizing our applications with your logo will ensure that all the efforts made by Qboxmail in creating and maintaining a high-performance professional email management service are attributed to your company.

This will increase your brand awareness and the loyalty of your customers, who, satisfied with the email service, will be more inclined to delegate the management of other services you offer, resulting in increased revenue flow

Show your domain name

Customizing email protocols is key to preserving and maintaining your status as an email service provider in the eyes of your customers. You can offer a personalized experience to customers who prefer using desktop email clients.

With the Private Label option, migration becomes even simpler. If you’ve already set up customized connection parameters on your clients’ email clients, with your domain, you won’t need to manually reconfigure each client’s settings; we will add your domain to our systems.

Service Alias
POP access pop.yourdomain.com
IMAP access imap.yourdomain.com
SMTP access smtp.yourdomain.com
DAV access dav.yourdomain.com
Webmail access webmail.yourdomain.com
Control Panel access panel.yourdomain.com
Mail Time Machine access mtm.yourdomain.com
Archive access vault.yourdomain.com
Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync access eas.yourdomain.com

Qboxmail is compatible with major email clients supporting POP, IMAP, SMTP, and ActiveSync.

Email client compatibility

Which tools can I customize?

Your logo on each of the services offered

For all the following applications, you will have the opportunity to activate an access URL with your domain name, for example, “webmail.yourdomain.com”, and to modify both the logo on the login page and the one inside the service page.

Furthermore, for the Webmail, which represents the most used tool by your customers, you can also request a modification of the primary color.

White-Label Squared

Qboxmail’s service exceeds expectations, expanding your reselling potential with Multi-Level capabilities. You can create sub-accounts for your clients, who in turn can become resellers themselves. Even your reseller clients will have access to all White-Label services. If you’re interested in White-Label, they will be too!

This Multi-Level feature expands your growth opportunities by allowing you to create your own reselling ecosystem, ensuring increasingly lower prices through volume discounts.

Moreover, you can also activate customizations for individual domains, offering your clients a service tailored to their company.

multi-level white-label

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Qboxmail helps you forget about the problems related to managing your clients’ emails and increases the visibility of your brand

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