Up to 25GB Mailbox

A lot of space, always at your disposal

No traditional provider offer you so much space accessible by IMAP. You can access in every moment your archives.

Advanced console

Maximum independence even for the most difficult operations

We designed Qboxmail with the resellers in mind: multi-level accesses, and Whitelabels. Migrations and Importantions tools. Create, edit and manage your mailboxes through API.

Email Tracker

Real time logs reports on the status of emails sent and received

The dedicated panel tracks your emails and shows them status every moment. You could verify if an email has been delivered or if it is enqueued.

Choose one of our plans

No setup fees and instant activation. Monthly billing based on usage. Remember that compared to a dedicated mail server with Qboxmail you will save costs for hardware and software maintenance.


  • from 10 to 250 mailboxes
  • up to 100 domains
  • 8GB mailbox
  • up to 25GB expansion
  • designed for Webmaster
starting from1€ / month per mailbox


  • above 250 mailboxes
  • unlimited domains
  • 8GB mailbox
  • up to 25GB expansion
  • designed for Web Agency
starting from0,50€ / month per mailbox


  • above 500 mailboxes
  • unlimited domains
  • 8GB mailbox
  • up to 25GB expansion
  • designed for Hosting Provider
Contact us for a plan that fit your needs: sales@qboxmail.com

Focus on your work, we think about your emails!

With Qboxmail your users can activate all the mailboxes they need, but you won't pay until these will be effectively active. No more worry for spam problems.

  • Cloud: Forget about harware and software problems.
  • Centralized Management: Integrated console that gives you complete control.
  • Pay per Use:Pay only the mailboxes that you use!
  • API and Whitelabel: Develop and integrate your software with Qboxmail's services.
  • Monthly Billing: New activation are billed the following month.
  • Dedicated Support : Technical support provided from our experts.

Safety and Reserve above all

Qboxmail guarantee to his resellers maximum privacy and discreption, and to their users we assure thw respect of privacy.


Qboxmail operate in italy, where laws about privacy are very rigid. Nobody will have access to your data without your aknowledgment.


Control panel and webmail are Whitelabel and you can customize them with your brand.

Better than a dedicated Mail Server

Qboxmail gives you an API set over you can develop your Virtual Mail Server e and give support to your customers in real time.


Monitor and fix in real time all the problems of your users. ETLIVE gives you instant access to activities logs of your server.


Develop your mobile APP or couple your accounting directly to Qboxmail. With our API you can create a lot of kind of integrations.