A fully functional Email Server in Cloud managed via API, always available, fast, safe and reliable.

With Qboxmail you have a fully functional Mail Server in Cloud that can be managed through control panel or API. Instant activation and no setup fee. Designed for reseller’s needs. Address book and Calendar available from Smartphone.

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How to use Qboxmail

Manage a little Dedicated Mail Server might be very expensive. Focus on your core business, we take care of the Emails. We offer at Qboxmail a fully functional Email Hosting in Cloud service, always available, safe and reliable. With Qboxmail you definitely solve your problems of Spam and Virus, your email will always arrive at destination and your customers will be satisfied.


Signup to the 30 days free trial. To use Qboxmail you only need to have a domain name and with DNS management.

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Verify and activate your domain just adding a DNS record. Create your mailboxes of 8GB or 25GB manually or import them with CSV file.

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Migrate is simple and fast. From the control panel you can schedule the messages copy. Change the MX record of your domain as soon as you receive the notification of migration complete. Your emails are now managed by Qboxmail. You can access them through POP/IMAP/SMTP or webmail.

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Now use all the advanced tools Qboxmail is providing. Integrate our API in your processes. Fix eventual issues with the log analysis provided by ETLive. Out technicians are always at your disposal for assistance.

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Why choose Qboxmail?

If the easy to use control panel, the affordable price and the reliability of our services are not enough for choosing Qboxmail, we have other points that might convince you:

Ask for a demo

Do you want to discover the functionalities and the features of Qboxmail with a demo together with our technical specialist? Require now a free demo. With a simple desktop sharing we will show you all the functionalities which make Qboxmail suitable for your needs.


Try it for free

Activate now your 30 days of free trial. You will have full access to all Qboxmail functionalities. Choose only at the end of the trial period whether to buy the service or not. The activation is immediate. In order to start using Qboxmail you only have to change the MX records of your domain.

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