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Communicates professionally and increases the level of IT security thanks to the services offered by Qboxmail.

Improve your authority on the web

An email address is considered professional when it has its own domain name.

Using email addresses on free services for your business, such as, has a number of disadvantages compared to your competitors who already use a professional address:

  • You won’t be able to distinguish yourself from the millions of generic address boxes activated every day
  • You will not have any assistance in case of problems
  • Poor cybersecurity
  • Modest services and features

With Qboxmail you will get a personalised address with your domain such as that will give you a strong and credible image, and you will appear with more professionalism to your network of contacts increasing your reputation. Your customers will know immediately that you are the one to contact them and it will be easier for them to remember the name of your business.

Qboxmail invests in your cybersecurity

Did you know that 90% of cyber attacks come via email?

When email addresses are very cheap or even given away as optional products within hosting packages, it means that investments in cybersecurity are almost zero.

This has many negative consequences and serious risks to your business such as:

  • Email box flooded with unwanted messages (Spam)
  • Emails sent from your inbox are not delivered to the recipient because the provider has a poor reputation (deliverability)
  • High risk of infecting your corporate network with a Virus received via email
  • High risk of falling victim to phishing attacks or having your digital identity stolen

By relying on Qboxmail, you will be supported by a team of experts who work tirelessly to increase your company’s cybersecurity.

All email accounts managed by Qboxmail are equipped with an innovative and unique email security system that will protect your company from Spam and other malicious material, ensuring that your email messages always reach the recipient.

Improve your team’s productivity

Qboxmail Webmail was designed with the purpose of facilitating the work activities of business professionals.

The intuitive interface and the possibility to easily create folders and subfolders will help you keep your inbox always in order. In addition, you’ll be able to manage multiple email addresses and aliases, under the same domain, all without the need to log out of your primary address. This provides a seamless and efficient way to organize and access all of your email communication in one place.

Through the management of address books and corporate calendar you can manage in a joint manner the events of the whole team, having the ability to view all the appointments of your employees directly in the calendar of your smartphone.

With the security archive you will have an unlimited storage space where you can keep all your emails sent and received. The material saved on the archive is neither erasable nor modifiable, making the archive a useful tool in case of legal disputes.

Discover in detail all the functions of our Webmail.

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Customer service like you’ve never seen before!

Unanswered support requests, eternal waits at switchboards, unresolved problems. Forget about the problems caused by your old manager. By relying on Qboxmail you will have a partner always at your disposal, with a team of experts ready to help you in case of need.

Qboxmail’s support offers you:

  • Ticket support 7 days a week
  • Telephone assistance with highly trained operators
  • Clear and Easy-to-Consult Documentation
  • Desktop sharing

The Qboxmail team will assist you step by step in creating and setting up all the email accounts of your domain, helping you to make the most of all the potential of our service.

To use Qboxmail’s services you just need to change the MX records of your domain from the DNS management panel of your provider. You will then not have to transfer either your domain or your website

A domain indicates to which service email should be delivered by MX records in its DNS. It is not possible to specify different MX records for individual email accounts. Therefore, it is not possible to manage email accounts of a domain on several different providers.

Qboxmail provides customers with a tool to automate the creation and transfer of email accounts. But if you prefer, we can take care of all the necessary steps to switch from your current provider to Qboxmail.

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