Pay only what you use without fixed fee or setup costs. You can activate the email accounts you purchase even on multiple domains.


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Insert the number of email accounts you need, select for whom you need to activate the archive service and the simulator will calculate the monthly price.

The email accounts you purchase can be activated on multiple domains. For example you can buy 10 mailboxes and activate all of them on a single domain or activate 10 domains with just a mailbox each.

All prices are intended VAT excluded.

  • N° 8GB Mailbox Numero minimo di caselle: 5
  • N° 25GB Mailbox Numero minimo di caselle: 0
  • N° Unlimited email storage Numero minimo di caselle: 0

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Do you have more than 150 mailboxes to activate?
Are you a reseller?

Qboxmail is a service of Mail Server in Cloud specifically studied for who does not want to concern about Mail Server management but wants the maximum authonomy at the same time.

We thought commercial proposals and technical solutions for big companies, resellers and wholesales. Conact us to have more information about.

More Info
Included services

All the mailboxes at Qboxmail support POP IMAP Webmail and ActiveSync access protocols

Authenticated SMTP

All mailboxes activated on Qboxmail include the SMTP service to send emails

Exchange ActiveSync

The Exchange ActiveSync support allows a simple Calendar and Address Book share


You can connect all your provisioning and billing applications to Qboxmail using our RESTful API

Email Alias

You can create, without any additional cost, free Email Alias linked to your mailboxes

Domini Alias

You can create, without any additional cost, free Domain Alias linked to your domains

Antivirus and Antispam

All mailboxes activated on Qboxmail are protected by a strong Antivirus and Antispam system in inbound and outbound in order to guarantee a high Deliverability


All emails sent from our SMTP are signed with DKIM. You can also activate a custom DKIM signature

Shared Address Book and Calendar

We make at your disposal a Calendar and an Address Book accessible from smartphone and sharable with your collegues


Our powerful system of log analysis in real time. To scan and identify the issues on email traffic and give support to your users

Company Chat

All active emails on Qboxmail can become a chat account with Jabber XMPP

Whitelabel and Multi-level

Our control panel is with multi-level access and Whitelabel or customizable with your own logo

DNS control

Qboxmail control panel will help you to identify the issues at DNS level and MX record for your domains


Backup for data security, it allows the recovery of mailboxes by customer request

Shared Folder

You can share mail folders with other accounts of the same domain

Mail Time Machine

To view the status of a backup for the last 15 days and proceed to restore a single email

Additional Services
Mailboxes expandable up to 25GB

If 8GB are not enough for you, you can expand you mailboxes up to 25GB, even singularly

Private Label with SSL

For resellers it is possible to ask a special settings to include your domain in our SSL certificate


The Catch-all mailbox helps you to collect messages sent do wrong or unexistent addresses

Mailing List

You can create and manage internal mailing list or massive communication channels

Dedicated SMTP

If you have specific email outgoing needings, we can provide a dedicated SMTP server to send high volume of emails

Orders, Consumption calculation, Billings and Payments

You can order Qboxmail services directly from your control panel
or accessing to the orders area.

The billing system of Qboxmail is based on consumption with monthly payment and is required to buy a minimum of 10 mailboxes. For those who need a smaller number of mailboxes you can buy a minimum of 5 email accounts with annual payment. In any case the mailboxes purchased can be activated on multiple domains. Domain alias and email alias are free.

Here you can find all details about our terms of payment and billing.