Pay only for what you use: no set-up costs or fixed fees. You can activate mailboxes for multiple domains

8GB mailboxes


per month with annual billing

1.20 per month with monthly billing

25GB mailboxes


per month with annual billing

2.40 per month with monthly billing

Keep your emails safe with our Email Archiving option

Email Archiving

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per month with annual billing

3.60 per month with monthly billing

Additional services

2.000 SMTP messages per day


5.000 SMTP messages per day


10.000 SMTP messages per day


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8GB mailboxes

25GB mailboxes

Email Archiving

Monthly fee

0 +VAT

Enter the number of mailboxes you need, select how many you want to enable our archiving service for, and the simulator will tell you the monthly fee. The minimum number of mailboxes purchasable is 5.

The mailboxes you purchase can be enabled on multiple domains, for example you can buy 10 mailboxes and enable them all on a single domain or activate 10 domains with a single mailbox each.

The Email Archiving service will be available from March 2018.


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Billing and Payment

Annual billing assumes that, in exchange for a discount on the fee, the number of mailboxes remains the same for one year. Monthly billing allows you to enable or delete an unlimited number of mailboxes and adjust the amount you pay each month. Email and Domain Aliases are free.

Payment is monthly or annually in advance. Automatic payment methods can be selected so there’s no risk of missing a deadline.


We accept PayPal payments for service payments and automatic renewal.

Credit Card

You can pay for Qboxmail services via Credit Card using a secure gateway.

Bank transfer

You can pay for Qboxmail services via traditional Bank Transfer.

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