Imports and migrations

Migrate your Emails quickly and easily

Migrate your mailboxes to Qboxmail effortlessly using our powerful Import and Migration tools in the Control Panel.

Our expert technical team is available to assist you at every step of the process. Enjoy comprehensive support throughout the migration operation, included at no extra cost.

The migration procedure consists of two simple steps

Import = In this step, you will create domains and mailboxes within the Control Panel. This allows you to configure your desired domain settings and set up mailboxes for migration.

Migration = This step facilitates the transfer of all messages from the source email account to the destination account. It ensures that the entire folder and sub-folder structure is preserved, maintaining the hierarchical organization of your emails.


Import allows you to massively create domains and mailboxes.

Simply compile a CSV file according to our specifications and upload it to the Control Panel. The system will promptly initiate the creation of the specified domains or email accounts, streamlining the entire process.

What can you import

To initiate an Import, generate an Excel file and export it in CSV format. This CSV file will serve as the basis for importing data into the system, enabling a seamless transfer of information.

  • Alias domains
  • Email account
  • Domains
  • Email alias


Migration is the process that facilitates the transfer of email messages and folders from your previous server to Qboxmail.
Through the Control Panel, you have the flexibility to select the desired date and time to initiate the migration.

At the specified date and time, Qboxmail will establish a connection with your former provider’s server to move users’ emails, folders, and associated data to the Qboxmail platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

How does it work

  1. Create a CSV file with the required data
  2. Validate it in the Control Panel
  3. Set the date and time to start the migration
  4. Change MX records on notification of migration completion
  5. Run a second migration to get back the latest messages
  6. Users can now access their emails

Move your email messages

Qboxmail Migrations are an advanced tool that allows you to move email messages from any provider or dedicated server that supports the IMAP protocol.

When the migration is complete you will receive an alert message so you will know when it is time to change the MX records of the domain. You can schedule a second migration, following the change of MX records, to get back the messages received from the old server during the DNS update phase.

You can also transfer messages from Gmail, Office 365 and Exchange. Move via Master User and OAuth 2.0 is also available so as not to have to know the password of all the mailboxes you want migrate.

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