Manage your contacts in a professional way

The Qboxmail Webmail allows you to manage your address books and contacts in a professional and complete way without install or configure any other software. It offers you the possibility to keep your contacts synchronized in complete safety from any Smartphone or Tablet Computer.

Automatic company address book

Find the new colleague’s email address or phone number immediately thanks to a company address book always updated automatically.

Thanks to the synchronization of Qboxmail management systems and APIs, every time a new user account is added to the company domain, his contact details are immediately made available to all members of the company, to simplify and make easy the exchange of information.

The ability for users to upload a custom avatar also simplifies the recognition of senders of received emails.

Share your contacts professionally

Create personal address books and better organize your contacts. Collaborate quick and easy by sharing address books with your collaborators, assigning specific permissions to each of them.

Improve your workflow and increase your productivity by managing all your daily contacts in a simple and professional way.

Collect contacts automatically

Find the email address of a contact, not present in your address book, to which you replied many months earlier, can be frustrating.

By taking advantage of the automatic collection of the new email addresses of all the people to whom you replied, you will avoid wasting time and optimize your workflow.

You will have all your contacts available everywhere on computer or smartphone. This will help you every time you need to send an email and you don’t remember the recipient’s address

Webmail address book Qboxmail

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Compatible with the main email clients

With the Qboxmail Comunication Suite you will have a simple and fast tool to optimize your way of working with email, compatible and synchronizable with all your computers, smartphones, tablets and mail clients that support POP, IMAP, SMTP protocols and Exchange ActiveSync such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacOS, iPhoneand Android.

Try Qboxmail services for free for 30 days

Try the Qboxmail Cloud for FREE for 30 days, designed to better manage corporate emails. You will discover a service designed to increase the safety and productivity of your company.

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