8GB and 25GB Mailboxes

No traditional provider offers so much space for your messages! You can consult at any time posts from previous years and organize them into folders. They will always be accessible from Webmail or via IMAP.


Calendar and contacts sync with iPhone and iPad to share the agenda, both personal and corporate, with your colleagues or even for those who want to delegate the management of your calendar. Full support for BlackBerry 10 and any device that supports CalDAV and CardDAV.

Advanced Control Panel

  • Totally Self Service
  • Designed for Resellers
  • Multi-level access in Whitelabel panel
  • Import and migrate your emails from your server with our toolset

Through the same console you can manage all the mailboxes of your users. You can give management privileges (domain or mailbox -level ) to other people. Always with the maximum safety and privacy.


Through the dedicated interface your help desk and your users will always have under their eyes all the logs about their activities. They will see if an email has been delivered or if is enqueued. In this way you will simplify the work of your help desk and troubleshooting team.

Migration process is easy and immediate

The self service control panel of Qboxmail will migrate all your mailboxes and their contents connecting to your old mail server. You will always have our staff at your side for Technical support.

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Easy Integration with your applications

Our API allow you to manage yur orders and your billings directly from the software that you’ve always used. With API automatation doensn’t have limits.It will be always easy customize and resell our services.

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Mobile Support

With Push technology and IMAP protocol, you will receive on your smartphone emails in real-time. You will be able to syncronize your calendar and your contacts too.

Antivirus and Antispam

One dedicated inbox with online spam email: spam and viruses will be rejected and the suspicious email will be put in quarantine. You can manage your whitelist and blacklist.

Safe and Multiprotocol

You can access to your date through POP, IMAP, Webmail and SMTP. TLS and SSL are supported too!
Choose between these option, the webmail that you prefer.

Want more?

Here are some others Qboxmail features:

  • Signed emails with DKIM
  • Shared Mailbox
  • SPF and SendeID support
  • Business Chat
  • Telephone Technical Assistance
  • 24/7 monitoring