50 GB Email Accounts now available: find out how to activate them

Giulia Rispoli

For some time our customers have asked us to have professional email accounts with a space larger than 25 GB and today we can say that we have satisfied this request. To do this, we focused on what the users’ needs are and resolving the main problems that the larger email accounts involved.

The goal was to offer a service that could make users happy by not forcing them to have to delete messages from their email inbox, but at the same time not presenting the problems of slowness that usually the larger dimensions entail.
For more details, please read Large email accounts: how to solve limits and problems on our blog.

Here are now available the 50 GB, large, fast email accounts, always just a click away and without any initial configuration to perform.

Try it now!
Activate your 50 GB email account and log in via Webmail.

For activation, the domain must have the Professional or Enterprise plan that you can start using by changing the domain settings from the Panel. The 50GB email account can also be activated on a single email account.

50 GB Email Account, how do I activate it?

Follow these simple steps and you’re ready to go.

1. Verify that the domain has a Professional or an Enterprise plan.

Access the Panel and click in the sidebar on Domains> click on the domain you are interested in > Settings > General > Plan management > select the Professional or Enterprise plan> Save.

2. Verify that the domain limits allow you to create 50GB email accounts.

Access the Panel and click in the sidebar on Domains > click on the domain you are interested in > Settings > General > Domain limits:


3. Activate your 50 GB email account.

If you want to increase the space of an existing email account, you will need to change your account settings. Click on the Domains sidebar > click on the domain you are interested in > click on the email account you want to bring to 50 GB > General > Available space > 50 GB > Save.

If you want to create a new 50 GB email account, click on Domains in the sidebar > click on the domain you are interested in> + Email Account and follow the procedure by setting the size as 50 GB.
For more information on creating accounts see the related documentation.

Do you need assistance with the procedure or do you need information?
We invite you to open a Ticket from the Customer Area.

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