API: discover the new features to manage Webmail’s localization settings

Nicolò Benigni

We at Qboxmail are working hard on our Webmail to give people a way to work with their business email with no compromises, and at the same time, we want to give our customers and resellers a frictionless way to fine-tuning the experience of their users.

A fundamental aspect of satisfying user experience is localization; people want an interface that speaks their language and visualizes dates and time as they are used to by their country’s culture.

These configuration options were already in our Webmail, but we are taking a step forward, giving full control over them to our customers and resellers.

Before these settings were editable only from the Webmail interface, so the users needed to log in, searching in the settings and configure them to match their preferences. This could have lead to a “not so pleasing” experience where the user would make the first steps in English, even if our software is available in their native language. The same is valid for dates & time configurations.

From now on, our customers and resellers will have complete control over these settings through Panel; this way they can set up default values for every domain so that every new email accounts created will inherit the defaults from the start.
The values set on the domain only act as defaults for new email accounts, every email account can be configured separately.
This means that you can configure the perfect experience for your end-user completely without leaving our Panel.

We are big fans of automation, and a lot of our customers activate the majority of their mailboxes using our API; these changes are available also to them.
You can control the new options with the parameters: “webmail_language“, “webmail_timezone“, “webmail_time_format” and “webmail_date_format“. You will find all the details in our documentation.

If you can’t find the value you prefer in the available settings, write to us! We will be happy to add your preferred date & time format.

Moreover, if you want the webmail interface translated into a language that is not among the available ones, you can help us support it!

We already added support for Dutch and Swedish thanks to our customers. Write to us!

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