A simple and beautiful app:
this is Webmail

Accounts always synchronized

Having your messages, contacts and calendars always synchronized on all your devices, wherever you are, simplifies your life and makes you more productive.

With Webmail you always have the information you need at your fingertips, on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and you can share email folders, company directories and calendars with your colleagues, so that you can always be updated with them.

Simple and immediate collaboration

Quick and immediate communication between employees reduces problem resolution times and increases productivity.

With the integrated chat in Webmail, thanks to direct messages to group conversations, you can collaborate with your team in a fast and effective way, carrying out your activities more easily.

Keep your mail in order

Increase your productivity by better organizing your mail. With Webmail you can create all personal folders you want to collect all your messages or break them down thanks to practical and colorful personalized labels.

You can also set special filters to automatically sort incoming mail wherever you want and have your messages always in order and at your fingertips.

Quick answers

Save time by responding quickly to messages. With a click, send a default confirmation or reply thank you.

Company contacts

Immediately find the email address or phone number of your collaborator thanks to a company address book always updated automatically.

Free / busy

Spend more time on your activities and less on planning thanks to shared calendars and the availability check of your employees.

A single app to share and collaborate with company emails, contacts and calendars, from smartphone, tablet and computers.

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