CSV reports available in the Control Panel

Alessio Cecchi

From today, by accessing the Qboxmail control panel, our customers will find a very useful new feature: Reports.

The Reports allow you to download in real time, through CSV files, the detailed reports of your domains and email accounts in the Control Panel, so as to have a collection of useful data to monitor the progress of your account or to perform calculations and checks for billing to its customers.

Previously we had created procedures that automatically sent once a month this information to customers who had requested it, but they were neither customizable nor contained all the available details.

The new functionality was therefore designed to overcome the limits of the previous service and give maximum flexibility to customers for the purposes of data analysis and extraction.

To access and download the Reports, simply access the control panel and move to the Reports section.

Reports are currently available for:

DomainsDetail of all the domains present within an account.
Alias DomainsDetail of all alias domains present within an account.
Domain LimitsDetail of the limits set on the domains present within an account.
Email AccountDetail of all the email accounts present within an account.
Email AliasDetail of all the email aliases present within an account.
Email ArchiveDetail of all email archives present within an account.

Once a report is downloaded it will be possible to apply filters to CSV files or process them through its own management and billing applications.

Find more information and the list of all Report formats available in the appropriate section of our Documentation.

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