Panel by Qboxmail: the App to manage and monitor corporate emails

Alessio Cecchi

Historically, the management of corporate emails has always been in the hands of expert IT technicians.


  • Originally because Corporate Mail Servers were complex to manage, based on Sendmail or Qmail were to create a new email account you had to get to grips with configuration files or because, even if based on Microsoft Exchange, they required considerable technical skills and access to a management console that ran only on your PC.
  • Subsequently, with the spread of Web Hosting and Email in the Cloud, the management of email accounts was entrusted to the control panels of the Providers, accessible via the web but with few features (in the case of Web Hosting) or extremely complex in the case of services like G-Suite.

In any case, in the era where everything can be done with a smartphone, an app was still missing, which would allow IT managers and companies offering IT services to manage, create and monitor corporate email accounts.

In Qboxmail, our goal has always been to provide a complete suite of services to simplify management of corporate emails, which would make our customers autonomous and independent, and our control panel has always been the central node to achieve this goal.

Because in Qboxmail we independently develop all our management panels and APIs.

With the latest update to our Control Panel for summer 2019, we have totally redesigned its interface starting from the concept of mobile-first. We have thus redesigned and developed it to be completely usable also from Smartphone or Tablet, as well as from a computer.

Find out with which technologies we have created our App Panel by Qboxmail

From that moment on, work began that led us today to release the first App that will allow our customers to do, from smartphones, all those operations of support and assistance to their users even when they are away from their computer.

A “modern” IT Manager knows well that the moments in which he and his team are at their position are less and less, between meetings, training courses and technical interventions.

From today with Panel by Qboxmail, it will be possible to create an email account, increase space or track the sending of an email also from the App. It is also possible to also create additional accounts for the members of your team (Team Member) in order to protect your access to the App via two-factor authentication (2FA) or by restricting it to corporate VPNs.

The App Panel by Qboxmail is already available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android, it can be used immediately by all Qboxmail customers through the credentials with which they already access the web panel.

Download the App Panel by Qboxmail now!

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