Now you can launch a Migration immediately!

Alessio Cecchi

One of the features that you have asked us most frequently in recent years was the possibility of being able to plan a Migration the same day you upload it or even be able to launch it immediately.

For a number of technical issues, related to architectural choices of the past, it was not possible to implement this functionality in a simple way.

But thanks to the work of our developers we decided to completely rewrite our migration procedure in order to:

  • be able to upload migrations of up to 500 users simultaneously
  • speed up the validation part of the CSV
  • make IMAP transfer faster
  • be able to schedule migrations on the same day
  • be able to launch a migration right away

From now it is possible, through our Control Panel, to plan a migration today or choose whether to launch it immediately by selecting the “Run first migration as soon as possible” option.

For the uninitiated, Migrations are the tool that allows you to automatically transfer customer emails from the old server to Qboxmail.

More details on Migrations can be found in our documentation:

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