New Webmail Editor: improved the composition of messages and signatures

Giulia Rispoli

Qboxmail’s Webmail is enriched with a new editor that improves the composition of email messages and signatures. The new editor replaces the previous TinyMCE as it had shown some limits in terms of integration and a heavy load.

With the new text editor, we have made available some features that are highly requested and expected by users …

HTML for messages

Now, if you compose a message, you can click on the HTML icon and copy/ insert HTML code so as to have your message formatted just as you wish.

HTML for signatures

We have made available the same type of editor used for composing a message, even for signatures. In this way, you can insert a personalized signature with your logo or a clickable link that refers to the company website. You can also copy and paste HTML code directly for signature.

Customizable links

You can insert a word or phrase instead of a web address and make them clickable by entering a destination URL at your convenience. In this way you can also send a very long link to a web page without having to worry about the length it occupies in the body of the email.

And more …

In addition to these new features, some improvements have been made regarding writing, such as:

All these improvements are possible thanks to the Qboxmail Research and Development team which develops our Webmail from scratch.
The Qboxmail Webmail is not an existing project to which a new graphic design has been applied, but a real software developed totally from scratch, which integrates completely with all the other Qboxmail tools such as the Control Panel and the Qboxmail API.

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