Automatic cancellation of messages: find out how to best organize your emails

Giulia Rispoli

Often the email accounts are full of old or very old messages that we no longer need and you can keep them clean and tidy with the automatic deletion of folders.

Automatic cancellation of messages

A full email account makes it difficult to find truly important messages, also running the risk of not receiving them in time, due to limited space, and forcing us periodically to manually select and delete messages that are no longer useful.

Among the many tools that Qboxmail’s Webmail offers there are filters, with the possibility of managing the email that is received, moving or copying them directly to folders according to the established rule.

In this way, the email account will be much more organized, but over time there is the risk of accumulating years and years of emails that are no longer needed and that we do not have time to delete emails.

How does it work?

With version 1.1.11 of Webmail you can set automatic cleaning of specific folders, choosing the time interval (from 1 month up to 5 years) after which the messages contained in them will be automatically deleted, thus keeping your email clean and tidy.

Once automatic cleaning has been set for a folder, within 24 hours, all messages older than the time interval you have chosen will be permanently deleted. We therefore encourage you to use this feature with caution.

How can I activate it?

Log in to Webmail > Mail Settings > Folders

Find the folder on which you want to activate automatic deletion and click on the Edit icon.
In the Delete folder’s messages section, select the time period that best suits your needs from those indicated and Save the changes.

You can deactivate this function at any time by simply indicating Never as the time of cancellation.

Do you want to delete the messages from the email account, but don’t want to lose them?

Discover the Security Archive

If you want to delete the messages from your email account, but you don’t want to lose them entirely and keep them somewhere, you can activate the Email Archive.

With Email Archive you no longer have to worry about lost messages or incorrect deletions, since every incoming or outgoing message will be kept for 10 years without space limitations.

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