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New Tasks cover

New features for Tasks integrated in the Webmail

With the latest update of the Webmail, released on September 15, 2022, important new features has been made available to our users. Our development team has in particular enhanced the functions of the Tasks integrated in the Webmail and renewed...

whmcs order template customization

How to customize WHMCS order form template

Qboxmail's module for WHMCS allows you to sell Qboxmail email accounts to your customers directly from your WHMCS. This will make it easier for your customers to bundle a Professional Cloud Email service with their domain or web space. This...

email mgmt - qboxmail

Email hosting providers benchmark: Qboxmail

With this last chapter, we have come to the end of a series of related articles, written with the intention of helping the reader to gain clarity on the world of email hosting providers. This series opened with a reflection on...

email mgmt - google workspace

Email Hosting Providers Benchmark: Google Workspace

The management of professional business emails is a key activity. This is proven by the fact that in addition to Microsoft, another American big tech also comes up with a broadly similar solution. Today, in fact, we will examine the email...

email mgmt - microsoft 365

Email Hosting Providers Benchmark: Microsoft 365

Among the options evaluated for this analysis, we could not miss Microsoft, which since 1996 has offered a solid solution for professional email management via their Exchange software. Using the same analysis method as in the previous articles, today we will...

email mgmt - web hosting provider

Email Hosting Providers Benchmark: Web Hosting Provider’s Email Accounts

After reviewing the pros and cons of creating, managing and maintaining a dedicated mail server, today we will evaluate, along the same lines, the email accounts offered by hosting providers in conjunction with the registration of a domain and web...

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