BEC Scams – Business Email Compromise

Elena Moccia

“Business Email Compromise” (BEC) is an online scam where attackers aim to compromise or forge email communications for financial gain or sensitive information.

BEC scam targets company employees, compelling them to take harmful actions like transferring money, resulting in substantial financial losses and prompting FBI attention.

BEC attacks directly target individuals responsible for company payments, making it one of the most damaging phishing attacks.

BEC’s strength lies in appearing as a message from a trusted figure within the organization, exploiting trust in email communications.

Scammers use sophisticated social engineering techniques to deceive recipients, aiming to acquire money or confidential information.

A BEC attack uses a seemingly legitimate email address to prompt the recipient into taking a specific action.

The primary goal of a BEC attack is to convince the victim to send money to the attacker.
The victim is led to believe they are conducting a legitimate and authorized business transaction.

The cybercriminal can achieve this result in various ways:

Examples of Business Email Compromise attacks:

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Such attacks can be highly damaging and costly for your business.
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