Investing in Cybersecurity: importance of user training

Elena Moccia

The importance of cyber security in the business environment is undeniable.

Investing in advanced technologies and technical solutions is crucial, but without proper staff training, efforts may be in vain.

What is the point of investing so much in technical and application security measures if there is a lack of user awareness and training?

Email plays a crucial role in our daily lives, both in the business and personal context. 

We use it to share information, complete transactions and interact regularly with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

The sensitivity of the information transmitted requires the implementation of robust cyber security measures, ensuring that communications are encrypted, authenticated and protected from threats such as phishing or malware.

Employees are often unaware of the security threats that email can pose, and can easily fall victim to cybercrime.

To make staff aware of cyber security and email security, organisations should provide appropriate training.

The importance of cybersecurity training for employees

Raising awareness and educating on the mechanisms of cybersecurity enables the creation of an informed team capable of positively contributing to the organization’s protection against cyberattacks.

Human beings act in certain ways due to behavioral and social norms: this mechanism is exploited to manipulate people into taking actions benefiting fraudsters.

The manipulation of human behavior is one of the preferred strategies of cybercrime, and we have extensively discussed it in previous blog articles.

While malware is responsible for data theft, it is human error, social engineering, and phishing that compromise every line of defense.

Recent data highlights a significant increase in email-based attacks, with a rise of 1,382 incidents recorded worldwide in the first half of 2023. This underscores the critical need to adopt robust security measures coupled with a strong foundational training.

The main reasons to invest in cybersecurity are diverse, for example:

  1. Prevention of cyber attacks:
    • Cybersecurity training helps employees identify and prevent potential cyber attacks. Informed and aware employees actively contribute to system protection, preventing data losses.
  2. Compliance with regulations and standards:
    • Businesses must adhere to privacy and cybersecurity regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Through training, employees become aware of the implications of GDPR and other international standards, such as ISO, learning the necessary practices and procedures for compliance.
  3. Culture of cybersecurity:
    • Cybersecurity training contributes to establishing a culture of cybersecurity within the company. Informed employees are more likely to report suspicious activities and adopt secure behaviors when it comes to protecting company information.
  4. Protection of company image and reputation:
    • A cybersecurity breach can irreparably damage a company’s reputation and lead to the loss of customers and/or financial losses. By training and raising awareness among employees, you can reduce these breaches and safeguard the company’s reputation.
  5. Time and cost optimization:
    • Cybersecurity training helps reduce the time and costs associated with managing security incidents. Awareness and preparedness become a preventive defense, reducing the risk of security incidents.
  6. Efficient incident management:
    • In unforeseen circumstances, a knowledgeable employee can efficiently manage incidents, minimizing downtime and financial impacts.

Role of technological solutions

The implementation of advanced technological solutions, sender verification through SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and active scanning of attachments are just a few of the crucial tactics to mitigate risks and protect sensitive information.

These solutions act as a barrier, contributing to strengthening digital security and preserving the integrity of corporate data.

Choosing to equip oneself with an integrated solution like Qboxmail’s Email Security is a step forward to ensure comprehensive protection of corporate email communications.

The Holistic Approach

Email security requires a holistic approach, balancing advanced technological solutions with human awareness and caution.

This leads to increased active involvement of users in the security process, reinforcing preventive and responsive measures.

Qboxmail has developed advanced technologies to ensure optimal message deliverability and also provides updated resources and guidelines to raise awareness and inform users who send and receive emails.

Discover how Qboxmail can contribute to enhancing the security of your email communications and business interactions.

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