Qboxmail for business communication security and efficiency

Elena Moccia

In today’s fast-paced business world, security isn’t just a precaution; it’s a necessity. The intricate digital ecosystem formed by the connection between devices and individuals underscores the fundamental importance of security.

For seamless data sharing, an unwavering commitment to security is crucial to ensure the smooth flow of communication and preserve information integrity—even in the face of losses or deletions.

Ensuring Secure Communication with Qboxmail’s Email Security Solution

Qboxmail offers a robust Email Security Solution, providing comprehensive protection for both data and communications.
The service actively defends email boxes against potential malicious messages and enhances corporate email security through customizable policies.

Email Security solution is available from the first access, and it is fully integrated into the Qboxmail platform (no configurations or maintenance needed).

With active Antispam and Antivirus security measures, Email Security shields your communications from a spectrum of threats, including Ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, trojans, bulk emails, and other undesirable materials

With security policy, Email Security allows you to set and define security parameters, adapting them to the specific needs of the company or a group of users.

Fortifying operational efficiency with Mail Time Machine

Enter Mail Time Machine, a leap forward in achieving greater security in communications and operational efficiency

This tool allows you to recover emails and retrieve past or accidentally deleted information, providing a valuable resource for swift decision-making.
crucial—even dated—information and data.
With Snapshot technology, backups are automatically performed every day, directly on our storage.

In situations involving security threats or the loss of sensitive data, the prompt restoration provided by Mail Time Machine minimizes the impact on business operations, ensuring uninterrupted operational continuity for the team.

Mail Time Machine is totally integrated in Qboxmail’s platform, and it is ready to use out of the box, without the need for configuration.

The ease of use of the tool has a positive impact on productivity, enabling work in a secure and optimized environment.

Manage your business emails better by relying on a robust and flexible system.

With Email Security and Mail Time Machine, you gain greater business efficiency and comprehensive protection for your communications

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