Professional plan: benefits and activation

Giulia Rispoli

Qboxmail offers a business email management service in cloud for resellers, companies, or freelancers who are looking for a professional email service with custom domain name.

In addition to management tools, including the control panel and Webmail, we have developed other complementary features, such as Mail Time Machine and Email Archive, completing our package.

Each customer can decide to create mailboxes by adding one or more domains to the control panel. For each domain, you can choose between 3 plans that have different functionalities:

The chosen plan allows you to have mailboxes with more or less features. This article will focus on the features of the Professional plan.

Features and benefits of the Professional plan

Find out all the details of the plans

How to activate the Professional plan on a domain

You can activate the Professional plan at a domain level, so all the mailboxes of a domain will have access to the same functionalities expected for that plan.

If you have a monthly plan…
You can upgrade plans independently by going to Control Panel > Domains > click on the domain > Settings > General > Plan Management > select the Professional plan > Save.

If you have an annual plan…
We invite you to contact us via Ticket to make a plan change. The operation is quick and you can start using your Professional plan almost immediately.

If you have questions or need more information, contact us at info@qboxmail.com

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