Webmail: Whitelist & Blacklist

Elena Moccia

Improve your email inbox management with the creation of Whitelist and Black lists for received emails.
Define anti-spam rules by creating lists of addresses from which you want to receive messages and those from which you prefer to receive nothing.

Qboxmail offers detailed control of incoming messages through the Whitelist and Blacklist features of the Webmail.
If you want to put an end to spam intrusions and ensure the correct reception of important messages, these two resources are tailor-made for you.

Whitelist: let only who you want in

The Whitelist is the list where only messages from approved addresses have permission to enter without being analyzed by the spam filter.

Adding an email address or domain to this list is very intuitive:

With these few simple steps, desired messages will arrive correctly in your inbox.
Important: Despite Whitelist additions, the spam filter stays active, blocking all virus-containing emails for maximum security.

You can check the delivery/block status of messages intended for you by accessing the Tracemail section of the Control Panel.

If you want to remove an email address or domain from the Whitelist, trash and click on the 🗑️ icon.

Blacklist: clos the door to unwanted messages

Add all unreliable email addresses or domains to the Blacklist: with the Blacklist active, the spam filter will reject every attempt at reception.

In this case as well, the procedure for adding a contact to the Blacklist is simple:

From that moment on, all messages from the Blacklist will be blocked and returned to the sender.

Just like with the Whitelist, to remove an email or domain from the Blacklist, click the trash 🗑️ icon.

Three quick tips:

  1. Avoid adding your own domains to the Whitelist or Blacklist to prevent possible email scams.
    Keeping these lists reserved for external sources will help avoid errors that could compromise the security and efficiency of your business communications.
  2. Keep your lists confidential for added security. Sharing this sensitive information could compromise the effectiveness of the spam filter and, consequently, the overall security of the system. The confidentiality of these lists helps ensure that only authorized individuals can influence which messages are filtered or accepted.
  3. If you access the Webmail as a Postmaster and add a domain or email address to one of the two lists, the settings will take effect on all boxes of the domain.
    This security measure simplifies security management and ensures consistency in the spam policies applied at the domain level.

With Qboxmail, complete control over your email inbox is just a click away. Maintain order, protect your privacy, and enjoy seamless communication.

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