Qboxmail surpasses the threshold of 30,000 companies.

Elena Moccia

Qboxmail was founded in 2013 from an idea by Alessio Cecchi, with the aim of creating a company capable of making email communications simple and secure, with efficient and easily manageable tools.

In 2015, Qboxmail S.r.l. was officially established.

With its own infrastructure and software suite developed from scratch by an in-house team, the company grows steadily, becoming competitive and asserting itself in the market for professional email services. In the same year, Qboxmail joins the Vianova Group.

The staff also grows, with the opening of new departments and professional opportunities, in an inclusive corporate environment without discrimination or gender or age gaps.

By 2019, there are already over 50,000 active users, and Qboxmail prepares to launch new services.

Qboxmail expands beyond national borders, acquiring many resellers in Europe as well. In 2022, there are already over 100,000 active users in more than 30 countries.
In 2023, Qboxmail releases Email Delivery, the solution for sending large volumes of messages via SMTP.

Today, in February 2024, Qboxmail surpasses the threshold of managing 30.000 companies in Europe and around the world.

Heartfelt thanks to all the companies, Italian and European, that have chosen to rely on our services, and thanks also to the partners who collaborate side by side with us every day.

You are an integral part of this journey, where the future is built with every connection and trust established.

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