Email Delivery: sending large volumes of email messages via SMTP

Elena Moccia

We are excited to announce that the new Qboxmail service, Email Delivery, is officially ready!
Email Delivery will be released this Wednesday, December 6th.
With Email Delivery, you can send large volumes of email messages via the SMTP protocol, sending both transactional and promotional emails without leaving your application.
Email Delivery is the SMTP engine that allows you to send emails without hourly or daily limits.

You can subscribe to a free plan with 5000 emails per month or purchase larger sending packages, either on a monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go basis.

We have added additional new features:

   – Possibility to subscribe to a monthly plans or purchase pay-as-you-go sending packages.

  –   TraceMail to monitor the delivery status or bounce of your sent messages.

  –   Enriched dashboard with new metrics related to sends and deliveries.

  –   Improved management of suppression lists.

  –  Enhanced sending pool management.

  –   DMARC compatibility check.

The Email Delivery service is available in three different plans: Free, Monthly Subscription, Prepaid.

Optimize deliverability

Email Delivery offers users various sending pools to enhance deliverability.
The service organizes and manages the assignment of IP addresses to optimize email delivery, considering different factors related to user reputation.

Service advantages

  1. Optimized Management of Sending Pools:
    -With Email Delivery, you have access to various groups of IP addresses, referred to as “pools,” aiming to maximize deliverability, which is the ability to successfully deliver emails to recipients.
  2. Access to Pools based on reputation:
    -Users can access specific to pools based on their reputation.
    -The initial provided reputation is of high quality and available to all users.
    -Each user’s reputation will be evaluated on the quality of sent messages, and the reputation will    be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Types of Pools and Reputation:
    -There are three types of pools: Free, Standard, and Premium.
    -Free: Accepts users with any reputation.
    -Standard: Reserved for users with a good reputation requiring an upgrade.
    -Premium: Reserved for users with an excellent reputation requiring an upgrade.
  4. Automatic Reputation Downgrade:
    -If a user’s reputation is no longer sufficient to remain in a particular pool, the system will automatically downgrade the user to the pool corresponding to their new reputation level.
  5. Dedicated Pool Request:
    -Users who want more exclusive control can request a dedicated IP pool, ensuring them a separate and reserved environment.

New rules for 2024 for Gmail and Yahoo emails | “No Auth, No Entry”

Recently, Google and Yahoo announced updated requirements for senders wishing to successfully send a high volume of emails via Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Failure to comply with the following requirements will result in the rejection of emails and their inability to be delivered to the recipient.

If you are already a Qboxmail customer, you can proceed to activate the Email Delivery service directly from your Control Panel in the dedicated section.

Contact us for more information; we will be happy to provide you with the best information on our Email Delivery Service.

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