New languages available in Qboxmail!

Giulia Rispoli

Qboxmail in the world

Qboxmail is growing and users who use our services all over the world are growing too.
The number of foreign users who use our services every day has exceeded 20,000 units and is constantly increasing. Precisely for this reason, a few weeks ago, we started a linguistic collaboration with some customers to make Webmail available in other languages besides Italian and English.
Thanks to them, in a very short time, it was possible to obtain the translations in different languages of the Webmail.
We think it is essential for users to have a multilingual tool to make them choose the configuration they like best, to feel more comfortable with the tools provided without incurring understanding problems.

The languages currently available for Webmail are:

How can I change the language of the Webmail?

  1. Log in to Webmail
  2. go to Settings
  3. in the sidebar click on Profile
  4. in the General Settings section find the language you want
  5. save the changes by clicking on the Save button

Setting from Panel or via API

With one of the recent updates of the Control Panel, we have added the possibility to set the language of the users’ Webmail directly from the Panel or via API. In this way, you can configure the perfect experience for your users even before giving them control of the account, all of this without leaving the Panel or by automating the entire procedure with our APIs.

Discover all the details API: discover the new features to manage Webmail’s localization settings

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