New features for Tasks integrated in the Webmail

Giulia Perdomini
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With the latest update of the Webmail, released on September 15, 2022, important new features has been made available to our users. Our development team has in particular enhanced the functions of the Tasks integrated in the Webmail and renewed them with a new graphic layout.

Tasks linked to an email

If you want to create a Task or a Reminder from an email received or sent, it is now possible to do it very easily. Just open the email and click on the icon corresponding to the Tasks. A task will be created automatically with the email subject by title and a direct link to the email. The title can be changed at will, just as it is possible to customize all the other fields of the activity. The great convenience is having the connected email immediately at hand: just one click is enough to recover it.

This feature can be useful for example to remember to reply to an email later.

Create a Task linked to an email
Create a Task linked to an email

Assign Tasks to colleagues

The other big news is the ability to assign Tasks to your colleagues and collaborators. A special section has been created for this type of activity: by opening the Tasks on the Webmail you will notice the separation between My tasks and those Assigned to others .

The My tasks list contains all the activities you create for yourself and those that others assign to you. Instead, the user will go to the Assigned to others section if he wants to assign something to do to a colleague or collaborator. Always here he can monitor the completion status of the tasks already assigned to others.

To assign a task, simply give it a title and write the email address of at least one colleague to whom you want to assign the task. It is possible to assign an activity to multiple people, but only to users who belong to the same domain as the creator of the Task.

Tasks sections
Tasks sections

To keep the assigned Tasks under control, a notification system has been developed. Users will receive automatic notifications in case of:

The notification system also provides for the sending of automatic emails, which can be activated in the settings.

Tasks notifications
Tasks notifications

For example, if you want to assign a colleague to make an important phone call, just open the Tasks, go to the Assigned to others section and create a new activity indicating at least the title and the assignee. The colleague will receive a notification informing him of the new task assigned to him.

The task management tool is integrated into the Webmail, and is always at hand for users with Professional or Enterprise plan.

If you are already a Qboxmail user and want to upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plan contact us for more information.

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