The Dedicated Email Service for Hosting Providers

Niccolo Matteoni

As a Hosting Provider, you know that managing email services can be a daunting task. With the constant threat of viruses and spam, along with the need for backup and customization, it’s no wonder many hosting providers are turning to costly third-party solutions from Microsoft and Google. But what if there was a better way?

At Qboxmail, we specialise in managing professional mailboxes, and we do it right. We develop all our control panels and other applications in-house from scratch, ensuring that our entire service is designed with the needs of hosting providers in mind who require high-performance and easy-to-use solutions.

WHMCS Module: the easiest way to integrate professional email service

Our latest offering is the Qboxmail WHMCS module, a free download that makes service integration easier than ever before. With the module, your customers can purchase the professional email service directly from your WHMCS interface, allowing you to add value to your offer and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But the Qboxmail service is more than just a module. Our entire service is designed to integrate seamlessly with hosting providers’ offers. With our pure pay-per-use business model, there are no fixed costs or upfront fees – you only pay if you collect! And as the volume of mailboxes managed increases, the unit cost of the mailboxes drops progressively thanks to our volume discounts.

Plus, even our Basic offer provides you with all the tools you need to resell the service at its best. Premium anti-virus and anti-spam are always included, and our modern, user-friendly webmail can be fully customised with your own domain URL and logo. You’ll also have access to our email backup service, Mail Time Machine, without having to spend a penny more.

At Qboxmail, we understand the needs of hosting providers, and we’re here to help you offer your customers the best email service available. To learn more about our tools, pricing, and offers, download the WHMCS module and reach out to our team today.

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