Email is still the primary tool used for corporate attacks

Alessio Cecchi

It is estimated that up to 80% of cyber attacks against businesses start with a simple email.
If we think about it, an e-mail message is the easiest and fastest way to send material directly to our victim’s computer or smartphone. Often the first message that starts the attack is not always directed at the victim: the attack can, in fact, be aimed at a normal employee who without realizing it will act as a Trojan horse to hit the real target, usually an important person in the company and probably subjected to security measures (IT) or higher attention.

The attacks can be many and different depending on the target to be hit and the size of the company. What almost all attacks have in common is that the main tool with which they are carried out is email.

Types of attacks

Let’s see which are the most common types of email attacks:

Types of protection

How should a company do to defend itself against these dangers which are now increasingly widespread?
Let’s start by saying that there is no single security solution, but the security will be as high as the measures put in place.

Other ways to protect corporate emails

Before even putting in place complex methods to protect your emails, it is good to check that some simple precautions have been taken.

How to best protect corporate emails

A good starting point is to choose a company email service provider that includes an Email Security system included in the service, so as not to have to worry about adding additional suppliers or wasting time selecting and installing additional software, with the risk of committing life-threatening errors.

Qboxmail is a business email management service in the Cloud, for companies and resellers, which already includes a complete Email Security solution in the service, which can also be combined with the Email Archiving service.

Qboxmail already includes SPF, DKIM and DMARC and a real-time email traffic log analysis system. The antivirus and antispam part consists of 3 engines to protect against malware, phishing and spam. These are active immediately and require no further configuration. With Qboxmail it is therefore not necessary to add an additional antispam gateway to the service, unlike traditional hosting providers where robust email security measures are not provided.

In addition, there is an Account Takeover Protection system that protects email accounts from credential theft by sending a warning to the user and the system administrator in the event that abnormal access to the service is detected.

You can try Qboxmail FREE for 30 days.

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