Webmail, optimize your email communications

Elena Moccia

The emails of your company are not “just messages”: they are connections and fluid business communications that must adapt to your work and needs.
Qboxmail has developed a Webmail that goes beyond being a mere access point to your email. It is a tool designed to optimize the user experience and ensure maximum efficiency in corporate communications.
In this article, we show you how the Webmail can integrate different modules, offering you a complete suite to manage every aspect of your company emails.

The importance of direct and clear corporate communication is sometimes underestimated in the realm of work activities, but it represents the foundation of a company’s operations. Emails, meetings, video conferences, data and information sharing, or collaboration between departments, represent the daily routine of any company.
That’s why having a tool that makes communication a smooth and highly efficient process is crucial.

Through the Webmail, you can access your email from any device, manage and share contacts and calendars with ease, without the need to install software.

Mail Module, the convenience of having emails always available, from any location

Mail module is a dynamic hub that connects your work, allowing you to share information in real-time.
With Qboxmail’s Mail Module, you can consult and manage your email, organize messages into folders, assign labels, or share them with your colleagues.
Qboxmail’s Mail Module adapts to your work style, ensuring a personalized and highly efficient organization.

Calendar: Organize meetings and video conferences, inviting anyone you want

Webmail’s Calendar is a useful scheduling tool to optimize your productivity and that of the entire company. Manage and organize daily commitments with ease, without missing a single appointment. Synchronization with the team allows you to keep track of everyone’s commitments, ensuring seamless collaboration. Webmail makes this process quick and intuitive: you can organize meetings, share calendars, and invite colleagues and business

Contacts: Quickly find recent contacts

The Contacts module of Qboxmail’s Webmail automatically saves the email addresses of contacts with whom you frequently correspond. This helps you quickly find the email address of a client or supplier while composing an email.

Simplify your daily routine and transform communications into collaboration opportunities.

If you want to start improving your company’s email communications right away, try Qboxmail’s services for free for 30 days or contact us.”

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