Highilight from our first live event

Elena Moccia

Discover the latest insights on privacy regulations and social engineering from Qboxmail’s premier event!
Our expert speakers engaged professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, emphasizing the importance of staying compliant with privacy laws.

The session on privacy compliance sparked significant interest, evident in the multitude of questions posed to our speakers.
Participants expressed a keen interest in understanding how to navigate privacy laws and stay up-to-date, making it a focal point of discussion.

Privacy regulations and social engineering: the crucial themes in our first event

The interest expressed by professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry experts confirmed the relevance of the topics discussed.
In particular, the session on privacy regulatory compliance sparked great interest, as evidenced by the numerous questions directed to the speakers. 

The need to understand how to comply with privacy laws and stay updated emerged as a central theme for many participants.
Among other topics addressed, social engineering occupied a significant space. Given the general interest and the numerous questions and requests for concrete examples, we further explored this theme through two articles available on our blog, offering practical resources for defense.

What about the future?

We’re thrilled with the success of this event, from the thoughtfully selected topics to our expert speakers.
This success fuels our enthusiasm to plan more engaging events, providing ongoing value and insights to our audience.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and to our dedicated staff. Special thanks to those who, even in their absence, showed genuine interest and curiosity.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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