Amazon removes the free SES plan for alternative email delivery?Qboxmail’s Email Delivery

Alessio Cecchi
Qboxmail is the alternative to AWS SES

Amazon AWS announces to all its customers that the free email sending program through SES will be significantly reduced. Within 12 months, all customers, including those who send emails through AWS EC2, with up to 62,000 free emails per month, will have to pay for their email sends.

The new free SES programm will expire for new customers after 12 months and for existing the deadline is schedule on August ’24.

Additionally, new subscribers will have a limit of 3000 free messages per month.

Amazon states that this upgrade is a result of adding new features to the SES plan, like the Virtual Deliverability Manager, that includes a dashboard that analyzes delivery problems and suggests the right solutions. Initially, this feature is part of the free plan, but it transitions to a paid service after 12 months, depending on the number of sends and queries.

Qboxmail’s Email Delivery as an option to AWS SES

Qboxmail is an italian B2B company specialized in email software development, ISO certified and ACN qualified for Public Administration Cloud, that offers Email Hosting services, Email Delivery and Email Security.

Email Delivery is Qboxmail’s service for sending large volumes of transactional and promotional emails and it ensures the highest deliverability level (the ability to reach the INBOX recipient) through optimized sending pools management and the management of customers’ and their sending users’ reputation.

Email Delivery by Qboxmail is a service designed to keep the reputations of different customers separate, so they do not influence each other.

The sending software is designed and managed by Qboxmail, which, utilizing its infrastructure consisting of 1024 IP addresses, caters to customers’ needs.

Qboxmail’s Email Delivery offers a free plan of 5000 mailings per month.

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