Revolutionize your MSP offer with Qboxmail’s White Label Service

Elena Moccia

An MSP, or Managed Service Provider, manages and provides IT services outsourcing, overseeing clients’ IT infrastructure.

Collaborating with an MSP for managed IT services allows companies to focus on their core business, entrusting external experts with IT infrastructure management. This trend stems from increasing technology complexity, cybersecurity threats, and the need to reduce operational costs.

What is the White Label service for MSPs?

White Label involves marketing an existing product or service under one’s own brand, without revealing its origin. This service enables MSPs to expand their offerings without developing or managing infrastructure directly.

An MSP can offer IT services under its brand, while a technology partner manages infrastructure and provides support.

To understand this service, consider an MSP wanting to offer email management. Instead of building a proprietary email hosting infrastructure, they can use a technology partner’s white label infrastructure. The partner manages servers, security, updates, and support, while the MSP presents services as internally produced.

Advantages of offering a White Label service

Qboxmail’s White Label service allows MSPs to expand services quickly without investing in new infrastructure or personnel. MSPs maintain control of the customer relationship and strengthen their brand. With support from the technology partner, MSPs focus on providing high-quality solutions.

White Label for MSPs boosts service offerings, enhancing competitiveness and satisfaction. For companies, it offers high-quality IT solutions without managing internal infrastructure. MSPs can improve service quality by collaborating with technology partners, focusing on customer needs.

Why choose Qboxmail’s White Label Service?

Ease of integration: Qboxmail offers email hosting solutions easy to integrate into MSPs’ existing IT environments.

Reliability and security: Qboxmail’s platform is reliable and secure, with advanced security features and protection against threats.

Scalability: Qboxmail’s solution adapts to client growth needs, with flexible billing based on usage.

Brand customization: Qboxmail’s White Label service allows clients to access services under their brand, enhancing visibility and credibility.

Dedicated support: Qboxmail provides timely and professional technical support.

Qboxmail partners have access to a White Label option, easy to integrate and available immediately.
Contact us and try Qboxmail’s Cloud service White Label for MSPs FREE for 30 days.

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