What are transactional emails?

Elena Moccia

Transactional emails are automated messages generated in response to specific user actions, such as purchases, subscriptions, or password recovery requests. Typically, transactional emails include order confirmations, invoices, and appointment confirmations.

This process is powered by automation, allowing businesses to send timely and highly relevant communications. When a user takes a specific action, the system automatically generates a personalized email message and sends it instantly.

This type of communication is functional, meaning it is necessary for the normal operation of many online businesses.
Mishandling or sending them incorrectly, and delivering late, can negatively impact the business and result in customer loss.

Transactional emails serve various functions, and to better understand their impact and importance, let’s analyze some concrete examples below.

Transactional email’s exaple:

Benefits for business

Transactional emails serve as a valuable link between customers and the company, covering order, payment, follow-up, and customer retention.

The key benefit lies in confirming transactions, ensuring transparency, and clarity about orders/reservations for the customer.

These emails also serve to provide extra information or promotions, boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

Personalization and automation drive the evolution of this communication, consistently offering new chances to enhance customer experience and optimize business operations

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