Why you should manage your customers’ emails

Niccolo Matteoni
email management service

Given the relevance of the topic this will be the first of a series of 3 articles. The series will highlight why managing customer emails should be a must for an IT professional. We will also try to identify what are the best practices to adopt and what alternatives the market offers. 

Emails are a crucial professional tool

If in 2022 there are still doubts about the importance of a good management of professional email accounts, today, with this article, we will try to dispel them once and for all. 

The email, since its birth until today is undoubtedly the most important tool for professional communication. And certainly it will be the same for many years to come.

Orders, invoices, contracts, documents and essential information for the performance of work activities all transited, inevitably, by email. 

The dysfunction of professional email account is a much bigger problem than the dysfunction of a corporate website. Unless your business model is an e-commerce, it might even be a few days before you realize your site is offline. But you’d probably realize after 1 minute that you can’t use your professional email accounts. 

Now, after refreshing your memory on how crucial email is for professionals, let’s find out why managing client emails should be a must-have activity for MSPs and Web Agencies. 

Email management for MSP and Web Agencies: the objectives

Since email is the main communication tool for professionals, the quality of work, and therefore the performance of a company, depends from its operation. 

The problems related to your customers’ emails can be many: security, deliverability, service continuity, speed, etc. If you, as an email service manager, are able to identify and solve them, you will be able to improve your customers’ solution and allow them to work more effectively. 

This will increase the trust of your customers. They will be more likely to use other services offered by you, increasing the average revenue from each customer.

You’ll also increase the loyalty of your customers. They will continue to choose your services over time, allowing you to increase the lifetime value* of each one of them, ensuring a steady cash flow. 

On the other hand, if you choose not to engage in these activities, sooner or later one of your competitors will do so. And likely snatching the client away from you. 

The goals that you should set as a service manager are two. The main one is the increase in trust and loyalty of your professionals towards you. The other, no less important, is choosing the right service to make your customer perceive the value of this activity. In this way you will have an additional revenue item, which certainly does not suck! 

Qboxmail offers management tools dedicated to MSP and Web Agencies

If you are looking for a professional service to manage your customers’ emails, Qboxmail could be for you.

Qboxmail is a provider that offers an email service in the Cloud aimed in particular at companies, equipped with powerful management tools dedicated to Resellers and Hosting Providers. We have our own infrastructure, we develop all the software in the suite from scratch and our servers are in Europe.

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I invite you to read the second article of this series. We’ll analyze what are the best practices that should be adopted about the management of emails of professionals and companies. 

* the customer lifetime value represents the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend in your business during their lifetime.

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