Strengthen Brand Identity with a customized Webmail

Giulia Rispoli

Taking care of your Brand Identity is very important, but equally important is taking care of the Employer Branding, the image that represents the company as a workplace, to attract and retain talented employees.

What is a brand? A brand is the combination of a name, a slogan and a logo that are used to help make potential customers recognize a company or its products.

While the Brand Identity passes through messages and advertising campaigns, the Employer Branding passes, for example, through the care during the design phase of a new corporate headquarters. This care must be reflected not only in the furnishings and the colours of the walls but also in the work tools that employees use within the company.

Why should access to the company management system, warehouse management software, CRM or Webmail not be personalized with the company logo and colours like the walls of the meeting rooms?

The Email is definitely the work tool on which employees spend more time and it is for this reason that, as part of a strategy to strengthen the corporate brand, it is also important to personalize the interface of the Webmail with the company logo. In this way, employees, like how they are more comfortable in meeting rooms, will feel more comfortable working with an email, address book, contacts and calendar management interface, which shows the logo and colours of the ‘company.

If your company was “Company Care” which interface would Employer Branding do?

In the same way, it is important that the signature placed on all emails sent by collaborators of a company is in line with the pre-established Brand Identity, without having to leave to the will or imagination of individuals, the creation of your own signature in the emails sent by the company.

For this reason, just like selecting an architect for the design of a new company headquarters, it is necessary to rely on specialists in the management of corporate emails so that the right tools are available to the IT department to carry out a strategy of Employer Branding also through the software used daily in the company.

Qboxmail offers its customers and resellers the opportunity to offer these tools such as the ability to graphically customize the Webmail and the Email Control Panel and the ability to set a corporate signature at the administrator level.

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