Keep your company email accounts safe

The advanced security you want

The data safety of your company email accounts is essential, but users often ignore the basic good security practices. With the right tools, such as blocking the reuse of old passwords, the obligation to use two-factor authentication or access restrictions to only authorized IP addresses, you can help them comply with good practices and use their accounts securely.

Thanks to the advanced security policies of Qboxmail systems, you choose the level of security for your users.

Everything is always under control

Activating the necessary countermeasures quickly in case of abuse or intrusion is essential for company emails and for the data they contain. To do this, quickly and effectively, real-time monitoring tools are needed to help you to understand problems and discover the causes.

With the analysis tools of Qboxmail (Activity Log, ETLive, API) you will always have the logs of the actions performed and the right working of your accounts under control, all in compliance with the most advanced privacy law.

Get rid of spam

Email accounts full of spam messages make it impossible to work and waste time, often forcing us to set too restrictive rules with the risk of not receiving really important messages.

With Qboxmail’s antispam systems you no longer have to worry about unwanted messages, thanks to advanced machine learning tools able to learn and adapt to changing threats and new trends. All connected with our analysis tools in real time, to have always everything under control.

Accounts are protected by design

All Qboxmail systems have been designed and implemented following the most recent laws and regulations on privacy and data protection, including the General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We use encryption of data in transit to guarantee security, we train and update all our collaborators on the most recent issues about data security and confidentiality.

Infrastructure is always updated

The entire Qboxmail infrastructure is located in Italy and has been designed to ensure the best smooth operation of all services, thanks also to the full control by our team of both hardware and software.

All data is hosted on dedicated and redundant storage systems to ensure maximum security and stability, and is hosted in a last generation certified data center.

Try the advanced security of our systems.

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