Mail: read and write messages professionally

Your identities always available

Manage and use all the identities associated with your user in one click, create custom signatures for each and select, directly in the composition window, the identity to send message with.

When you reply the correct identity is automatically selected for you, you can also set an address in Bcc to always be included in your replies, in this way even your colleagues will be able to see the replies to the messages.

Thanks to the Qboxmail control panel, the identities associated with email aliases are automatically made available to all users of the domain.

Keep in order and organize your emails

Organize your email messages quickly and easily, highlight important messages with one or more custom labels, different by name and color, or automatically send the incoming messages into your personal folders thanks special filters.

With the features in the Mail module, you can always keep all your messages in order in a simple and intuitive way, saving time and recognizing the sender immediately thanks to the avatars.

Share your mail folders

Collaborate quickly and easily by share mail folders with your collaborators, assign specific permissions to each of them, for optimizing work flows.

By sharing information and communicating quickly and immediately with your collaborators, you reduce problem solving times and increase your productivity.

The shared folders are also accessible by all the email clients configured in IMAP, to guarantee maximum compatibility with the email clients you already use.

Very fast

Optimize your workflow and increase your productivity thanks to the faster access speed.

Quick answers

Save time by responding quickly to messages. With a click, send a default confirmation or reply thank you.

Unified experience

Live the same experience of use on all your devices thanks to full compatibility with the main devices and operation systems.

Compatible with the main email clients

With the Qboxmail Communication Suite you will have a simple and fast tool to optimize your way of working with email, compatible and synchronizable with all your computers, smartphones, tablets and mail clients that support POP, IMAP, SMTP protocols and Exchange ActiveSync such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacOS, iPhone and Android.

Try a new way to work with company emails for 30 days for free.

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