With Panel managing company emails is easy and immediate

Delegating makes life simple

Being able to delegate part of one’s duties, in safety and peace of mind, make easy work and life less stressful.

Nobody have the ubiquity gift, but thanks to the multilevel management of Panel you can assign the management of your company email accounts to your collaborators, with the features and limits your want.

Give more value to your brand

The use of advanced management and communication tools with the corporate image is what identifies you and makes you immediately recognizable.

With just a few clicks you can create a customization for your Webmail, adding the logo and the name of your company, to give your personal touch and a professional look to Qboxmail applications.

Custom security policy

It’s essential protecting company accounts with the right security policies, but not always what is needed for one user is necessary for all others.

With Panel, you choose the security level for your accounts by setting a two-factor authentication (2FA), a personalized DKIM signature or restricting access to only authorized IP addresses. We provide you with the most advanced security policies, it’s up to you to choose the right ones!

Easy migration

Move all your email account data to Qboxmail. It is simple and fast thanks to the automated import and migration procedures.

Real-time analysis

Always control the correct functioning of your accounts thanks to the tools of real-time analysis of logs and mail traffic.

API integration

Automate your account management processes with a few lines of code thanks to the full compatibility of our RESTful API.

Discover all the Panel features offers you to better manage your company accounts.

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