Keep your company accounts always under control with ETLive.

Prevent abuse by analyzing logins

Being able to prevent any abuse or hacking attempts, quickly activating the necessary countermeasures, is essential for every company, but to do this, you need real-time monitoring.

With ETLive you always keep all your account logins under control and you can monitor access to Qboxmail services.

No more lost messages

How many times have you not received a message sent by a collaborator without understanding why, with the only certainty that that email has disappeared in a vacuum?

Thanks to the analysis tools of incoming messages present in ETLive, you always know which emails you have received and which not, and the reasons that blocked the reception.

Messages always at destination

Calling a collaborator to know if he has received a message, it’s a waste of time and is really frustrating.

With the analysis tools of the outgoing messages present in ETLive you always know in real time if your email has been delivered or if it is still in the queue and you will no longer need to call.

Discover all the possibilities of ETLive.

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