With Archive keep all messages without limits of space

Keep your company's messages safe

In some cases a message deleted by mistake and no longer recoverable can make the difference between the good functioning of a company or not. With Archive, your company will be safe from these problems, thanks to the automatic cloud storage system for all incoming and outgoing messages from accounts.

All without space limitations (up to 10 years of storage) and without wasting time to install annoying plugins or software.

Import your message history in just a few clicks

Thanks to Archive’s native integration in all Qboxmail systems, you can import and store in a few clicks the history of the last 10 years of all the messages present in your accounts, directly from the control panel interface, without having to follow complicated procedures or export the messages in strange formats.

Give legal value to your company's messages

Offer your company’s legal department all the information you need to do your job as best as you can by appointing authorized auditors (Delegates) to view the stored account messages.

You decide which files to allow access to and with what time and content limits, with the peace of mind that all activities will be tracked in comprehensive audit logs.

Full text search

Quickly find the messages you are looking for among all those present in the archive thanks to the full text search and advanced filters.

Totally in cloud

Access all your archived messages wherever you are, simply with your devices, without the need to install applications or plugins.

All transparent

The entire procedure for storing accounts is completely transparent for the user, thanks to the traceability of the actions performed.

Keep all your company's messages safe without space limitations.

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