Integrate your applications in just few clicks with API

A life philosophy

At Qboxmail API are a real life philosophy, every new service and functionality is always thought and designed starting from the definition of the tools and protocols necessary for integration with our infrastructure and with all our applications.

A common language that we use not only for internal development, but also to allow you to quickly and easily integrate your products with Qboxmail systems.

Easy integrate your applications

Today is essential making your products and services comunicate easily and secure with other products and services, eliminating the need to create new connection infrastructures every time.

Using the RESTful compatibility of our API, with a few lines of code, you can connect your applications by automating the processes of using and monitoring Qboxmail systems according to your needs.

Test without fear

Try, delete and start again in total safety, without the fear of breaking everything, thanks to a free test environment designed to imitate the real applications and services of Qboxmail.

With Sandbox you can test the integration of your applications via API in Qboxmail systems or learn how to use the advanced features of the control panel.

Request Sandbox access and start experimenting integration with our applications.

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